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Chef Bill McCabe
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How does it Work?

Client Assessment

I will arrange to visit you in your home for an initial no-obligation consultation. At this time I will discuss your food likes and dislikes as well as any allergy considerations or dietary restrictions. This assessment will also determine what type of cuisine you and your family prefer, from ‘meat & potatoes' to more exotic fare and international cuisine. If you are on a diet such as "South Beach", Weight Watchers" or low salt we can discuss cooking to those specifications.

Cooking Date

On the cooking date I will come to your home to prepare the planned meals. Your meals will be prepared in the safety of your own home with ingredients at their optimum freshness. All of your meals will be prepared exactly to your specifications and without any chemical preservatives.

Time to Dine!

Your meals will be cooled, packaged, labeled and stored in your refrigerator with complete instructions for heating. Meals can be packaged in single servings or family style. Your kitchen will be left spotless with the only evidence of my visit being the aroma of delicious homemade meals. Your packaged meals can be heated in the oven or the microwave and can also be frozen.

Payment for Services

I accept cash and checks and payment is due when we set the cooking date. A deposit for the groceries will be taken and balanced out on the cooking date.