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Cooking Lessons

Enjoy Cooking Lessons in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Have you ever tried to learn how to cook, but those chefs on Television never have a real solution, and often move too fast for you to learn anything. Chef Bill is a graduate of a highly rated culinary school and learned from some of the well respected names in the restaurant industry. He believes that basic cooking techniques, with high attention to detail are most effective in small groups.

Cooking Lesson Descriptions

Basic Knife Skills – Sharpen your knife skills in a hand’s on class designed to get you more comfortable using a knife. The two most dangerous ingredients in the kitchen are dull knives and the lack of confidence using them.

Basic Cooking Techniques – In this class you will learn the basics of everyday cooking. Including knife skills, baking, sautéing, soups, stocks, sauces, grilling, poaching and braising. Everything we prepare will help you to become a more skilled home cook for yourself and your family.

For the not so beginner (3 session series) – This series is designed to help you to enhance your cooking skills in the kitchen. We will pick up where we left off in the basic class and continue to work with all of the different cooking techniques.

Basic Sauce Making – Sauces are the finishing touch to many dishes. In this class you will learn the basics of making sauces. You will gain the skills to prepare and store them so you can reduce time in the kitchen without sacrificing taste in your meals.

Market Basket – The art of cooking is to create a delicious masterpiece. In this class you will learn how to create a meal based on what you have on hand. Learn how to blend flavors, and prepare your dinner with basic household panty items.

Great Seafood – This is one of the more popular classes. Learn how to buy and cook seafood. Seafood requires knowledge on how to prepare the different types of fish and shell fish. We will discuss when it is best to grill, bake, broil or poach to create a sumptuous meal.

Enjoy your own dinner party – Learn how to plan a menu and prepare a fabulous dinner party. This will allow you to be the life of the party and not a party-pooper.

Slow cooker sensations – The slow cooker is a time saving and cost effective way to put together a great and healthy meal. In this class we will discuss the best way to put your slow cooker to use.

Healthy cooking - Healthy cooking is a part of our everyday lifestyle. It is more than a simple cuisine. In this class we will discuss how you can eat healthy without having to use that four letter word “DIET”. Learn how to cook food that is full of flavor without compromising the taste.

All about beef – In this class we will discuss the different cuts of beef. You will learn where they come from and how to best prepare each cut. You will learn how to cook a steak that cuts like butter not one that tastes like shoe leather.

All about chicken – Chicken is a very healthy and cost effective protein to use for your weekly menus. You will discover how to create interesting by using different flavors and cooking techniques.